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Foreign Rights

Kindly select the titles on which you would like to receive information and e-mail it to us. We would be happy to help you!
Please do not hesitate to be in touch for any query!

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Ivana Pechackova

General contact information:
Meander Publishing
Zubatého 1
150 00 Prague 5
Phone 00 420 257 324 232

If you're a publisher, and are interested in our books, you can contact us directly, and we are happy to help you. We usually would require a monetary offer for rights (advance payment of royalties) and usually we would like to know when and where do you plan to distribute and in what language you would like to publish the book.

We can offer the outstanding books written both by an outstanding authors and illustrated by extraordinary and distinguished Czech artists.

We have been awarded by many prizes in the past (both Czech and international).

Regarding books which are not translated into English (or any other foreign language), we would be very delighted to recommend some of our distinguished translators.

We already sold rights for our books to Poland and Norway.




Meander Publishing house focuses on books for children and young people written and illustrated by original authors and artists. Meander publishes books and folding picture-books by contemporary Czech and world authors, always very originally illustrated.

Our aim is to make books which explain the real meaning of the term belles-letters. Literature for children and their parents has to be beautiful.
Beautiful books for smart children and their parents!


BLUE ELEPHANT: Each of Blue Elephant Books are an outstanding work of art. The first 100 copies are numbered and signed by the author and the illustrator. Some of the books are also published in English.

THE LEGENDS OF PRAGUE: The Books are published both in Czech and foreign language (English, German, Spanish, and Italian).

FOR EMA: Series of quality Czech and foreign comics books and graphic novels.